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» Hefka is still nyanin’

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Hefka is still nyanin’

Check my new business cards! Ha, ha!

Hi, good nekomata! How are you? So this is the first English article of this section.
My activity was formerly known as « HefkaSounds ». I changed my domain URL because the name is Hefka Games, not HefkaSounds.

Do not worry! I’m still involved in the chiptune scene, since I gave my first gig at Montpellier, this June 20th 2024! It was pure fire, by the way. Did you do some theater? The adrenaline rush you feel before going on stage is exactly the same.

Here is a studio track I played live, available on NekoPunkTube!

Ah yes, because I am actually gradually leaving the gafam in order to join the fediverse. This is for personal reasons I won’t explain further, but basically, I fight for a free world and against the multinationals hegemony.

Therefore, I created the NekoPunkTube to host my own videos.
Also, in case I didn’t tell before: I’m also a solo game developer. I made Warcat Parade and it will be available on Steam, 2024 September 1st! Go wishlist this game here!

This is a Touhou-like bullet hell with a catboy, fulfilled with chiptune and pixel art. This game is the result of three years of pain and hard work. However, I still had a lot of fun making this game pixel by pixel and I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Warcat Parade, a screenshot

Nekomimi, Nekomata ><

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